What Does EldonUp Mean?

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I have worked hard since I was about 8 years old. First on the farm in Maine, where I was expected to work every day at the tasks that had to be completed:

  • Hilling the corn, and chopping down the weeds at the same time,
  • Calling the cows in for milking, and making sure they were in the correct stalls,
  • Cleaning the gutter behind the cows after the milking, and cleaning their stalls.
  • Picking (selectively) cucumbers to be sold to the pickle factory. (Certain sizes of cukes are more valuable to the picklers. Our goal was to make as much money as we could.)
  • Haying chores: my Uncle Ben got a hay baler the summer of my eighth year. But some fields were still done the old-fashioned way – open-bed truck where one man stood to stack the hay efficiently, and a couple guys on the ground following the truck along the wind-rows, pitching the hay onto the truck.

We were pretty much self-sufficient on the farm. We grew most of what we ate. I was part of the team that cultivated and harvested. At age 8.

I learned a lot about work and family – and myself – on the farm.

To me, then, EldonUp means, Do your work. Period.

Then, of course, there’s the lawn mowing experiences. You will find a number of posts focused on those. To read one Click Here

To EldonUp means, Tough it out.

I attended a boarding high school in Mississippi. My parents couldn’t afford the tuition. I worked two and three jobs on campus, at the same time, making $0.67 per hour, to keep my bill paid. When I left there to go to college, the school owed me a couple hundred dollars.

To EldonUp means, Find a way to get the job done.

I entered teaching after college. I was not trained to do the grade levels that faced me each morning. I made mistakes, admitted them, learned from them, and didn’t repeat them. To read about this Click Here

To EldonUp means, Learn from experience, and get better at the work.

I worked in construction, as a CNA, in sales, in marketing. Success in each of these adventures was due to fast learning and hard work.

To EldonUp means, Push yourself to do more than you think you can.

There are always reasons why a certain task or goal cannot be achieved. Don’t look at those reasons; don’t focus on the reasons why you can’t.

To EldonUp means, to keep your eyes on your goals. And don’t neglect to recognize new opportunities. Look for new challenges.

Most importantly, I believe in God and the Bible.

Since I was a child I have trusted that God is in control and leads my life. The Bible encourages us to “look Up, for your redemption draws near.” I look for the evidences of the God who is Up, entering and guiding my life.

EldonUp means there is an Up in my life.

EldonUp means all of these things to me. My life experiences, what I have learned from them, and observations about them, are the focus of my blog posts.

This is not meant as a Brag, but as background about what has shaped me and my ideas.

I encourage you to join me on this journey.

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The Power of One

I stood there, looking at the Bahia grass waving at me in the afternoon breeze. Seven hours of school had already passed. On a normal day I would be on my bike riding home. But not today. Today I had to begin mowing, or else the lawn would not be ready for the weekend.

In a fit of enthusiasm and wonderment at the opportunity to earn $30, I had put my name in for the job of mowing the property occupied by our church and school. It was about three acres.

Three had seemed like such a small number when the job was being considered. Three now seemed like an impossible number.

My little Sears push mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine, at 22 inches wide, seemed as reluctant as I was to rev up and get started. How many rows of 22 inches would it take to complete three acres?

At the young age of 12 I had never mowed any lawn larger than the meager patch of grass in the lawns of the trailer park where we lived. Four passes of the mower, and that job was completed.

I never dreamed that a Gold Mine of Life Experiences were waiting for me in this job.

Make a Path

I surveyed the job. I wanted each pass to be as long as possible. With trees and bushes and buildings, few long, straight paths available.

A few minutes passed, and no path through the grass had yet been made. Mockingbirds seemed to be mocking me. Blue jays jeered at me. Could I actually do this job?

Finally, I yanked on the starter rope and the machine eagerly jumped to life. The pistons pumped, the blade whirred.

In contrast, the boy stood immobile. Where to start?

With my fingers gripping tightly on the handle, I finally stepped forward, and heard the satisfying sound of grass being chewed up and then spit out the side chute. I took another step, and enjoyed the sounds again. Resolutely, I pushed across the field.

I didn’t look behind to see what I had done. I fixed my eyes on the other side of the field and guided the machine to the target. At last, I stopped, turned my grass-chewing tool 180 degrees and looked back at where I had started.

One Pass

I had successfully completed one pass in that vast sea of waving grass. This was a job I could do, I reasoned. If I can do one pass, I can do two, then three, then… And the job will be done!

One pass. That’s how a job is begun. And that’s how a job is completed. It matters not what the task is, what the challenge is. On that day, long ago, I had begun the first of many experiences that taught me the Power of One.

What is the Power of One? It is you. It is me. It is one person at a time seeing what needs to be accomplished, and taking one step toward the goal.

Write one word. Speak one word. Make one change. Set one goal.

One. I can do One. You can do One.

One day, Today. Begin with one.

Conquer Fear

Fears and doubts will jump out and try to scare you and discourage you. The task may seem too large. The reward may seem inconsequential. You may feel inadequate, overwhelmed, busy… Change is scary. One step in faith is scary.

Find one friend that will be your cheer leader. Find one friend for whom you can be the cheer leader. One.

When the task is worthy, when you are called, take that first step. Make that first pass. Your Power of One may be all that others are waiting for.

But even if not, you will be changed by the work.

A real gold mine is worked in the same way, one pick, one shovel, one cart-full. Life’s Gold Mine contains riches more valuable than yellow nuggets.


The changes that you go through, will prepare you for bigger things. The Power of One becomes an Exponent of Two. Exponential development is amazing!

About a year after I began this three acre mowing job, I was offered a five acre job. I took it. And today, I am married to the daughter of the family that hired me. What if I had believed the job too large and turned it down?

Step out. Start the journey today. Get busy creating your own Gold Mine filled with experiences to prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow .

And the joys.

One pass. Experience The Power of One.


What personal experiences have you had with the Power of One?

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Introducing Eldon

My name is Eldon Roberts. I am an educator.

I entered the classroom for the first time as a student when I was seven. Fifteen years later I drove away from the college campus and entered the classroom as a teacher. Forty-eight years passed. Looking back it seems like last week that I began this journey. I had no intention of getting old and retiring.

My forty-eight years took me into a one-room-all-eight-grades experience, a few middle grades classrooms, elementary school administration, a few high school classrooms, two colleges as professor, a consolidated school (pre-K thru 12th), back to a middle grade classroom, then forced retirement. Most of these years I was on contract for 10 months.

My areas of expertise: History, English, Bible, Math, Composition, Literature, technology, success for students-with-disabilities.

During the summer months, I obtained a Master’s Degree, worked construction, sales, CNA, traveled, and planned and wrote curriculum.

We have adopted and raised three children, been foster parents, and many times taken our consolidated family of seven kids camping.

After my retirement I worked in the wedding industry for a year, as Photographer, Videographer and Officiant.

As a teacher I was an early adopter of technology as instructional tools. I blogged with and for my students. I have created and maintained websites for instructional purposes and for personal interests.

Blog Experiences

Blogs in the areas of Motivation, Opinion, Instructional Methodology, Poetry, Music, Philosophy, and Photography have received my attention and care.

On more than one occasion, I began working to develop a blog, hoping for many followers with the idea of monetizing it. I did this on my own, without the guidance of a person who had already accomplished such a blog or two. Each time I gave up in frustration after a short time. I’d make lists of possible blog topics, read and study blogs on blogging, and buy books about successful blogging.

It seemed that I could not get there. This was a new experience for me. I have been successful in many endeavors over the years. I have become accustomed to success.

Retirement, Cancer

Three years ago I was forced into retirement. I had planned to continue teaching until I was 70. That was a dramatic blow to my ego. A year ago I was diagnosed with cancer. That was strike two to my ego.

Teaching forced structure on me. I came to depend on that structure to orient my life.

Cancer treatment forced structure on me. The doctor visits, the treatments, the tests, the schedule of appointments, making it through this one day-at-a-time created structure and routine that I needed. I am now cancer free. Doctor visits are fewer. Treatments are concluded. What to do?

Recently, I was browsing through Facebook when I saw the teaser from GoinsWriter for the free webinar on blogging. I registered, but life intervened and I missed the broadcast. I received an email the next day with the link for the re-play. I was without an appointment, my wife was gone shopping, the house was quiet – in short, I had no excuse. I watched the re-play.

Introduced to Jeff Goins

There was no hype. Jeff was calmly confident about what he was offering. He seemed to be a person I could befriend – he seemed trustworthy.

I bought the course. I re-purposed one of my websites for a blog and began reading and watching the content from the Intentional Blog Course. I wrote my first blog and posted it. Now I am working through the main course titles. I look forward to this adventure and the success that will come with it.


Perhaps you have similar experiences to mine. Let’s get together and encourage each other.

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I opened a jalapeño pepper this morning to use in my breakfast. With care I calculated the center of the conical masterpiece and knifed my way from the point to the stem. I had split the plenum down the middle. Each side of the pepper displayed the magical shield that protects the seeds. I slid the knife under the white umbilical cord and extracted the seeds without losing one.

In my younger days I played with jalapeño peppers with machismo. I wasn’t intimidated by the thought of pepper juice being on my fingers. Nothing could go wrong. Except a reflex wipe across my forehead and eyes in response to sweat beading there. Tears ran down my cheeks as I danced around the room exclaiming over the pain.

I spent about a half hour lying on my back in the tub while warm water flushed my eyes. With time, the pain subsided. But the memory stuck fast. Now I am respectful of the power of pepper juice.

Back to today. I placed the seed-laden plenum on a plate and looked at it. Why would one pepper need to have that many seeds? There were over 100 seeds on the half! I counted them.

Abundant Seeds

Then my mind went to other garden and nature objects. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, oak trees, flowers. All of these teach the lesson of Abundance.

My pepper plant has already produced a score of peppers, and the summer has hardly started. By the time this one plant stops producing fruit, it will have delivered 100 or more. That’s over 10,000 seeds. How many are needed to carry on the family name? One. But I will plant probably six in my plant nursery, in case some choose not to germinate.

The Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)”. John 10:10 {AMPC} And Nature attests to this desire that He has for us. One hundred seeds, when one would have been enough.

What would I do if I received $10,000 more than I needed for the month?
I would Dance!


Around me right now are 10,000 more opportunities than I need to get started Dancing. All I need is one. But, it is Abun-Dance. I’ve got to get out on the floor and move. It’s even more fun when some partner gets close, and we dance in rhythm with each other and the music.

It’s not called Abun-try.
It’s not called Abun-wait.
It’s certainly not called Abun-wish.

I needed help so I could begin to see the abundance of opportunities, and acknowledge that I have to act on an opportunity to make it happen – to get into the dance. Otherwise, it is just pepper juice in my eyes and lots of remorse.

When I was a teenager, my parents denied me the experience of dancing. But, I developed what I called Back-Seat Dancing. I would move in rhythm to the music from the waist up.

I am determined to get into the dance, from my feet up. Life will not keep me from celebrating the abundance that is showered on me every day.

I would never have thought that a Gold Mine and a Jalapeño would somehow be connected. But, here it is:  When you’re looking at Nature, recognizing God in the garden is like striking a gold vein in a mine. I am enriched on both counts.

God reveals Himself through Nature. He created it, so it is logical that it mirrors Him.


Comment or email me with your thoughts on this post.

What abundance has come into your life?

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