Make the Commitment to Achieve Success

One of two things will happen after you commit to a specific goal.

1. Success, or
2. Failure.

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Every achiever goes through cycles of confidence spiraling down to discouragement.

Confidence is the mental acknowledgment that “I can do this!”

I have the skills.
I have the will.
I understand the process.
I have made the decision.

What could possibly go wrong?

Delay. That’s what could happen. It takes longer to achieve than I first thought. It’s not as easy as I first thought.

When there is delay, is when the skill of persistence needs to kick in.

Remember when you were a kid and you really, really wanted a particular toy or game that “all the other kids have”?

Remember how you wore your mother and/or father down to resemble jello, and they caved – and you got your toy. Remember?

You still have that skill. Persistence.

To achieve your goal you may have to become that kid again. Work to remember the thoughts that you had as you planned and executed the battle to achieve the treasure as a kid .

A big difference now is that you’re going to use those persistence skills against yourself. There will be no surprise attack.

Persistence will not work without Determination.

Determination – grit. That’s what will combine with persistence to accomplish the work. Any work that moves you closer to achieving your goal.

Determination is inside you. It’s a voice that talks to you when you are making choices. Especially when you are thinking about excuses to not persist. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. I’m too tired. It’s too hard. It’s easier to watch TV. It’s more fun to go out with the friends.

Every achiever fights the battle of discouragement.

Discouragement may come from one or more of these seven sources.

1. Looking at and comparing yourself to someone else.

Someone else achieved while you are still working at it. Someone else is reaping the rewards while you are still planting the seeds.

Another word for this is Envy. Envy is always destructive. Envy is filled with excuses and results in ruined friendships. Envy takes your eyes off your own goal.

The only antidote for envy is celebration. Celebrate your friend’s achievements. Throw a party to acknowledge their success. Humble yourself and ask the achiever to become your mentor, your coach.

2. Being unaware of or ignoring the basics of building your business.

Study the basics. Talk with your coach. Be sure you are on the right track.

3. Skipping steps in the process.

Again, get someone to evaluate your process.

4. Insisting on doing it ‘my way’.

It’s easy to believe I’m smart enough to know how. My way is just as good.

5. Attempting something that does not fit you

Go back and look at the study you put into choosing your goal. Then talk with your coach.

6. Leaving God out of the process

I believe in prayer. I believe that God wants me to be a success. I need to be careful not to work toward a goal that moves me away from God.

7. Going against the revealed will of God

If the Bible clearly identifies a goal that is not approved by God, don’t expect success if you set that as your goal.

Even achievement can bring discouragement.

Elijah had an amazing victory on Mt. Carmel. But, 24 hours later he was so discouraged that he asked God to kill him. “Let me die!”

This is the same Elijah who a few months later rode a chariot of fire right into heaven.

Feed your determination every day, several times each day.

I am determined to be consistently persistent in working to achieve my goal.

Consistently. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Schedules are great. But, I know…

Things Happen

We are in the process of trying to close on buying the home we have been renting. We agreed to an “As-Is” purchase. The appraiser came – one of the last steps.

We heard the dreadful words, “The deck has to be fixed before the loan will be approved.”

I knew there were some boards with decay problems. We had plans to remodel the whole deck and fix the problems after the sale.

On the days I was supposed to write last week, I worked on the deck. It’s July. We are having the “hottest days of the Summer” right now.

My schedule to be consistent in writing so that my post is done and scheduled for broadcast melted into the heat and sweat of working on the deck.

Things happen. Don’t let them stop you. Work toward your goal with a different schedule, a different time, a different effort.

But don’t let things bring you to a stop. Pause, recalculate, persist.


Persistent, consistent effort builds stamina, creates confidence, and adds real-ness to your goals.

Failure will not win.


Write to me about your goals. How do you keep your courage strong?

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