How to Become Your Success Vision

Last week I wrote about Shape Your Vision.

This week we look at Shape Your Self

What has to happen to you in order for you to reach your vision – your reward?

If your vision is to be a teacher, you must be hired to a teacher position.
In order for someone in a position of authority to hire you as a teacher, you must have specific credentials that certify that you have been trained to teach.
That means you must complete the college work for teacher preparation.
And you must pass the state certification tests.

You can have all the natural talent for teaching, but without the evidence of qualification, you will not get the job.

Get out the research materials and find out exactly what has to happen in you to order to qualify for – possess the credentials for – your vision.

Not all visions require a college degree.
All visions require personal change.

Three ‘A’ Factors You Can Shape

I believe there are three factors that are critical to the success of your mission.

Appearance. Attitude. Aptitude.


I was required to take some Art courses in my undergraduate degree.
Ceramics looked like something I might enjoy.
I was amazed at the process involved in creating pottery. You can take a blob of nondescript clay and transform it into a useful, attractive, vase that bears no resemblance to the beginning of its life.

The clay cannot do this by itself. Someone must take the raw material and do work with it.
The work without the clay would be a pantomime disaster.
The clay without the work would remain mud.

Others are always integral to your success in reaching your goal.
Shape how others see you.
Change the way you dress. Not just the style of clothes. Change the way you wear them.
Dress for the Vision you have.

Study others who are successful in the vision you have for yourself.
Dress like they do.


You will discover a change in yourself as you become comfortable in your new attire.
This is good.
You will become comfortable in the role that fits your vision.

Some wise Success authors have coined the expression, “Fake it till you make it.” I’m not sure that is good advice. People can spot a faker.

Attitude doesn’t have to be faked. Be real. Be who you are. Be confident in who you are becoming.

Be honest. Don’t claim to be a millionaire when you aren’t.
You can honestly say, “I’m on my way to becoming a millionaire.”
Substitute your vision words for the “millionaire” in the statement.

The way you walk says a lot about you.
Head up. Hands out of your pockets. Small smile.
Walk briskly. Like you have an appointment somewhere and have only a short time to get there.
No cell phone in your hands with your face locked on it.
Make eye contact with others you meet. Smile and nod a greeting.

Fight discouragement. Others may complete their vision in four years. That doesn’t mean you have to.

One of the best ways I know to stay positive is to help others achieve their dreams.
The Bible says, “Give and it shall be given unto you… In the same measure that you give, will it be measured to you.” Luke 6:38


Be teachable.
Others can always teach you something important, if you’re prepared to learn.

Don’t limit yourself.

I read of a man born without legs who aspired to become a dancer.
In order to reach his vision for himself he created a whole new way of dancing.
He reached his goal and inspired thousands of people to Believe Without Limits.

I once had a student in my high school English class who regularly told everyone that she would one day be a Medical Doctor specializing in Pediatrics.

Based on her performance in my class I secretly doubted her ability to achieve that goal.

Today she is a Pediatric MD.
There is value in Speaking Your Vision.
You will come to believe what you repeatedly say.

Create the Change in Yourself that propels you toward your vision.
Shape Your 3 ‘A’ Factors
The dream will be yours to enjoy.

Write to me about your journey to your vision.
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