I opened a jalapeño pepper this morning to use in my breakfast. With care I calculated the center of the conical masterpiece and knifed my way from the point to the stem. I had split the plenum down the middle. Each side of the pepper displayed the magical shield that protects the seeds. I slid the knife under the white umbilical cord and extracted the seeds without losing one.

In my younger days I played with jalapeño peppers with machismo. I wasn’t intimidated by the thought of pepper juice being on my fingers. Nothing could go wrong. Except a reflex wipe across my forehead and eyes in response to sweat beading there. Tears ran down my cheeks as I danced around the room exclaiming over the pain.

I spent about a half hour lying on my back in the tub while warm water flushed my eyes. With time, the pain subsided. But the memory stuck fast. Now I am respectful of the power of pepper juice.

Back to today. I placed the seed-laden plenum on a plate and looked at it. Why would one pepper need to have that many seeds? There were over 100 seeds on the half! I counted them.

Abundant Seeds

Then my mind went to other garden and nature objects. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, melons, oak trees, flowers. All of these teach the lesson of Abundance.

My pepper plant has already produced a score of peppers, and the summer has hardly started. By the time this one plant stops producing fruit, it will have delivered 100 or more. That’s over 10,000 seeds. How many are needed to carry on the family name? One. But I will plant probably six in my plant nursery, in case some choose not to germinate.

The Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)”. John 10:10 {AMPC} And Nature attests to this desire that He has for us. One hundred seeds, when one would have been enough.

What would I do if I received $10,000 more than I needed for the month?
I would Dance!


Around me right now are 10,000 more opportunities than I need to get started Dancing. All I need is one. But, it is Abun-Dance. I’ve got to get out on the floor and move. It’s even more fun when some partner gets close, and we dance in rhythm with each other and the music.

It’s not called Abun-try.
It’s not called Abun-wait.
It’s certainly not called Abun-wish.

I needed help so I could begin to see the abundance of opportunities, and acknowledge that I have to act on an opportunity to make it happen – to get into the dance. Otherwise, it is just pepper juice in my eyes and lots of remorse.

When I was a teenager, my parents denied me the experience of dancing. But, I developed what I called Back-Seat Dancing. I would move in rhythm to the music from the waist up.

I am determined to get into the dance, from my feet up. Life will not keep me from celebrating the abundance that is showered on me every day.

I would never have thought that a Gold Mine and a Jalapeño would somehow be connected. But, here it is:  When you’re looking at Nature, recognizing God in the garden is like striking a gold vein in a mine. I am enriched on both counts.

God reveals Himself through Nature. He created it, so it is logical that it mirrors Him.


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What abundance has come into your life?

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