Hi, friend! My name is Eldon.

I’m an EduCoach. I help people build a proven framework for learning and achieving that empowers them to excel.

I have a Masters in Education and more than 45 years of classroom success.

Early in my teaching career I realized the critical importance of certain skills that determined the success of the student. I knew that I would not be a successful teacher if my students did not succeed.

In the same way, parents are often viewed through the successes or failures of their children in the classroom.

Despite the fact that I had a degree in Education, I was unprepared to provide the guidance that I realized my students needed.

What followed was intensive research to uncover the foundations of learning achievement. I discovered that my college courses had not included this vital knowledge. Neither had it been used by the majority of my elementary and high school teachers.

But, I’ve got great news. I was privileged to apply what I had discovered with hundreds of students. Many who had been ‘written off’ by the education system came alive and achieved success.

People are often labeled with unpleasant descriptors just because the typical school patterns and expectations do not provide them with what they need to be successful.

It is my experience that few choose to achieve less than they are capable of, but, it happens because they don’t know how to achieve their goals.

If you struggled with learning the ‘school way’ and gave up; or, if you know that you are capable of achieving more, this is where you belong.

Students, parents, teachers, working adults, – any and all who see the More in Life and want to enjoy it.

It is my mission to help those who want to shift out of the frustrations of under-achieving into the freedoms of learning excellence – to give you the power to excel.

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