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Indocin Prescription UbersetzungAs we continue to work toward achieving your goals, let’s look at some physical and mental abilities that work for you to reach your goal.


PDF of this post: Buy Betnovate N Cream


The Connected Skill: Organization with its skills and habits moves you to your goal faster.

Disorganization is evident when you spend more than a few minutes looking for your materials and tools.

The good news is that you can get more organized.

I’d recommend that you identify a friend who is admired for being organized and enlist his or her help. Be open to change. Don’t get your feelings hurt when you discover that you have to make some changes to your habits.

The Connected Skill: Consistent Effort is a must to move you toward your goal.

Create a schedule on paper. Digital schedules and calendars are great, but a paper hanging on the wall will be seen more often and stick better in your memory. Plus others around you need to know, and can be useful to support and encourage you.

The Connected Skill: Persistent Effort is also critical in achieving your goal.

Doing the work once on a schedule will achieve only the weekly goal. Your long-term goal will require repeated effort over time – perhaps years.

The Connected Skill: Stamina refers to how much pain can you tolerate and still keep pushing toward your goal.

A lack of stamina is often the enemy that prevents people from reaching their goals.

The story is told of an old prospector who had been working his claim for years without finding gold. Finally he gave up. He traded his claim for 6 sticks of dynamite, went into the mine and blew himself up. The man with whom he had traded went into the blast area and discovered what turned out to be the richest gold strike in history.

We need Skills in:

The lack of these connected skills will hinder you, perhaps even prevent you – from achieving your dreams.

How much stamina we will need is hidden from our view at the beginning of a mission. I have been writing and publishing my blog for over a year now. I don’t have hundreds of subscribers, nor am I banking any profits from the work.

Zithromax Romania OnlineA Previous post (Moduretic Generika Drugstore) encouraged you to create a goal over which you have control. My personal goals are 1) Publish a post each week, and 2) that my ideas and efforts will help someone. I know it has helped me.

It is my opinion that stamina is the most important from the list above.

The Wall Street Journal published an article about research done to better understand the relationship between performance and physical stamina.

Mental stamina is where physical stamina originates. So the information from the research is useful for those of us who are athletes of the mind.

The feeling of discouragement in continuing an effort, whether mental or physical, is really just a feeling. The good news is that feelings are under your control, and can be changed.

In practical terms, by changing our belief about how difficult the task is, we can change the results of our efforts.

Research has also shown that what we look at influences our achievement. Cyclists who were shown photos of smiling faces achieved a performance boost over when they were shown photos of frowning faces.

Perhaps the most powerful and widely applicable technique for changing how your brain interprets incoming signals is to train yourself with motivational self-talk.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you have an internal monologue running through your head during difficult tasks, and it has a measurable impact on how effortful you perceive those tasks to be.”

WSJ Appeared in the February 3, 2018, print edition as ‘Head Games The Mental Tricks Of Athletic Endurance.’

Benicar Prescription 7thHow could this be applied to mental stamina?

I propose a 5-Step Plan that will implement findings from the research.


Suggested Plan

1. Establish a written schedule, a day or days that you will work toward your goal

List each day

Schedule all of your events for each day

Lock in a time that you know will be available to work toward the chosen goal

You might begin with 1-day of work per week if you need to fit this into a regular work schedule.

2. Use Circuit Workouts; break the work time into a Work – Rest pattern.

Decide on a length of time per session

break the length into 12-15 minute bursts of undistracted work

followed by 3-5 minutes of rest

then back to the next workout.

3. Plan Recovery time in your schedule. This is different from the Circuit Cycle rest time.

For some, a good night’s sleep is all the recovery time they need.

For others it might be a day or two between episodes of work.

I recommend building a Sabbath into your weekly routine. Take the entire day off.

Maybe go to church; maybe do a family outing.

God time and Family time are both important.

4. Feed your mind with performance abilities advertisements

Read the writings of Self-Help and Self-Improvement gurus.

Carnegie, Hill, Ziglar…

5. Push your perceived abilities boundaries

Buy Nolvadex And Clomid PctYour mind has a Limit setting. An “I can’t do any more” switch.

Push to do more when you reach that limit.


Think about areas about which you regularly say, “I’m not good at that.” Write a list. Begin working on one or more of the listed skills. Get a teacher to help you.

Pushing into the skills you’re not good at or comfortable in will create growth in all areas.

Other factors that contribute to a life focused on achieving your goals:

Diet, what media you use to feed your brain, how much time you spend with screen media, the types and quantities of liquid intake, physical exercise, your overall health.

Reach out to me with comments or suggestions.

Thank you for reading.

Cialis Online Bestellen

Buy Ventolin TabletsIf you have been reading or listening to the email and webinar messages in your Facebook feed and Inbox, you are likely convinced that success can be defined in specific numbers.

PDF of this post: Buy Viagra Jelly Online

Audio of this post:

Dozens of people, perhaps hundreds, preach the Gospel of Success with promises of your achievement in return for paying them to access their courses.

You are dazzled by the exorbitant “values” of the Bonuses offered for a short time. The threat of a limited time to act increases the thrill of ordering. Are these courses really the keys to success?

If you Join and pattern your online presence according to their formula, will you experience a sudden popularity, and have email addresses pouring in to your aggregator?

But, No guarantee.

From my perspective of 70-plus years, success is not specifically defined by large numbers.

Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water explains, “My definition of success is knowing that what you are doing is helping you and others lead a better, happier, healthier life.”

Ventolin Inhaler Order OnlineSuccess seldom results from an unexpected encounter with magic. I am not intending to cast any doubt on the value and validity of the “get 1000 email addresses and start making money” programs offered in webinars. I have friends who have achieved monthly income from pursuing a writing niche.

Let’s get started with putting some ideas about achieving goals to work.

Write your definition of ‘success.’

Be careful with this step. The definition you choose will be used to measure your achievement. If you decide that 1,000 email addresses will define Success, then 800 will be a failure.

Quantity that you cannot control probably shouldn’t be used to define your achievement.

Work to come up with a measurement that you can control.


I write this blog. I can control whether or not I write and publish something each week.

Apply quantity to that and I might define my success this way: Write and publish a meaningful blog post each week for one year.

Or I might limit the time more closely to achieve a reward in a shorter time: I will write and publish each week this month.

Soon that achievement will become a habit that doesn’t need as much approval to be continued. Then I can go for a full year of posts.

I had to hire a yard service to take care of mowing my yard while I was going through cancer treatment and recovery. At the beginning of the mowing season this Spring I decided to tackle the task myself. I wanted to build up my strength and endurance.

I enlisted the help of my 9-year old grandson. On the day of mowing I’d arrange for him to come to the house about 30 minutes after the time I knew I’d start mowing.

I would mow as long as I could, then turn the job over to him to finish. He did great!

For three months we followed that plan. Each week I tried to mow for a longer time.

Finally, I decided to tackle the whole yard, about a one-hour endeavor. (It had taken about 45 minutes when my grandson helped.)

For the past month I have done the job without help. It now takes about 30 minutes for me to recover after the exertion.

My definition of Achieve Success has been reached. I celebrate and reward myself after each workout.

Include a service component to your definition of success. Reach out to someone and help that person in a meaningful way. Contribute to that person achieving a personal need.

In my grass-cutting example, I paid my grandson each time he helped. He used the money to buy books that he wanted to read, and otherr things that his family budget couldn’t provide.

He also was rewarded with the knowledge that he had helped me, and that he was big enough to learn to handle the mower on his own.

Buy Canadian Generic Viagra OnlineEach of these parts of the definition of Success involve stamina. They are not one-off events.

Developing endurance is in itself ‘success’

Stamina achieves goals.

If one person is helped as a result of your efforts, consider yourself to have achieved success.

The worthy goal of providing information, counsel, guidance, encouragement to another person may be adequate to motivate you to continue in your work.

Truth be told, the goal of ‘one person helped’ is impossible. The one person you touch will reach out to another, who will continue the ripple effect.

The real purpose of reducing the goal to ‘one’ is to make it obvious that achieving success is possible, maybe even ridiculously simple.

Once you have reached your goal of ‘one’ and have attained success, the natural thing is to reach out to another. And the ripple spreads, ripples criss-cross each other; waves reach shores that you have never walked on.

In the beginning of an effort to reach your goal you will encounter distractions, detractors, and discouragements that will threaten to break your dream, to stop you from achieving.

From the very beginning of your interest in setting and achieving a specific goal, you will need stamina, endurance.

The dictionary defines ‘stamina’ as:

The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort, resistance to hardship.

The ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue.

Synonyms are: endurance, staying power, tirelessness, fortitude, energy, toughness, determination, tenacity, perseverance, grit.

Worthy goals are seldom easy to reach.

Effort is demanLisinopril Viagra Onlineded.

Consistent, persistent effort aimed at your goal takes stamina. Stamina reaches goals.

Reaching out to another person, whether it is in writing, speaking, teaching, witnessing, encouraging…

Continuing the effort when you cannot see the desired results –

That’s endurance, stamina.

I think it is safe to say that we each need more stamina, no matter where we are on the road to achieving success.

Share with me your thoughts and experiences with effort, stamina, and achievement.

If you are a writer, consider a guest post on my site.

My Theme is Achieving Success through Finding the Gold in Life’s Experiences.

Astrazeneca Crestor Discount Card

One of two things will happen after you commit to a specific goal.

1. Success, or
2. Failure.

PDF of this post: Generic Levitra Canada Pharmacy

Audio of this post:

Every achiever goes through cycles of confidence spiraling down to discouragement.

Cialis Free Samples OnlineConfidence is the mental acknowledgment that “I can do this!”

I have the skills.
I have the will.
I understand the process.
I have made the decision.

What could possibly go wrong?

Delay. That’s what could happen. It takes longer to achieve than I first thought. It’s not as easy as I first thought.

When there is delay, is when the skill of persistence needs to kick in.

Remember when you were a kid and you really, really wanted a particular toy or game that “all the other kids have”?

Remember how you wore your mother and/or father down to resemble jello, and they caved – and you got your toy. Remember?

You still have that skill. Persistence.

To achieve your goal you may have to become that kid again. Work to remember the thoughts that you had as you planned and executed the battle to achieve the treasure as a kid .

A big difference now is that you’re going to use those persistence skills against yourself. There will be no surprise attack.

Persistence will not work without Determination.

Determination – grit. That’s what will combine with persistence to accomplish the work. Any work that moves you closer to achieving your goal.

Determination is inside you. It’s a voice that talks to you when you are making choices. Especially when you are thinking about excuses to not persist. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. I’m too tired. It’s too hard. It’s easier to watch TV. It’s more fun to go out with the friends.

Every achiever fights the battle of discouragement.

Discouragement may come from one or more of these seven sources.

1. Looking at and comparing yourself to someone else.

Someone else achieved while you are still working at it. Someone else is reaping the rewards while you are still planting the seeds.

Another word for this is Envy. Envy is always destructive. Envy is filled with excuses and results in ruined friendships. Envy takes your eyes off your own goal.

The only antidote for envy is celebration. Celebrate your friend’s achievements. Throw a party to acknowledge their success. Humble yourself and ask the achiever to become your mentor, your coach.

2. Being unaware of or ignoring the basics of building your business.

Study the basics. Talk with your coach. Be sure you are on the right track.

3. Skipping steps in the process.

Again, get someone to evaluate your process.

4. Insisting on doing it ‘my way’.

It’s easy to believe I’m smart enough to know how. My way is just as good.

5. Attempting something that does not fit you

Go back and look at the study you put into choosing your goal. Then talk with your coach.

6. Leaving God out of the process

I believe in prayer. I believe that God wants me to be a success. I need to be careful not to work toward a goal that moves me away from God.

7. Going against the revealed will of God

If the Bible clearly identifies a goal that is not approved by God, don’t expect success if you set that as your goal.

Even achievement can bring discouragement.

Elijah had an amazing victory on Mt. Carmel. But, 24 hours later he was so discouraged that he asked God to kill him. “Let me die!”

This is the same Elijah who a few months later rode a chariot of fire right into heaven.

Viagra Online.grFeed your determination every day, several times each day.

I am determined to be consistently persistent in working to achieve my goal.

Consistently. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Schedules are great. But, I know…

Things Happen

We are in the process of trying to close on buying the home we have been renting. We agreed to an “As-Is” purchase. The appraiser came – one of the last steps.

We heard the dreadful words, “The deck has to be fixed before the loan will be approved.”

I knew there were some boards with decay problems. We had plans to remodel the whole deck and fix the problems after the sale.

On the days I was supposed to write last week, I worked on the deck. It’s July. We are having the “hottest days of the Summer” right now.

My schedule to be consistent in writing so that my post is done and scheduled for broadcast melted into the heat and sweat of working on the deck.

Things happen. Don’t let them stop you. Work toward your goal with a different schedule, a different time, a different effort.

But don’t let things bring you to a stop. Pause, recalculate, persist.


Buy Zithromax 250 Mg OnlinePersistent, consistent effort builds stamina, creates confidence, and adds real-ness to your goals.

Failure will not win.


Write to me about your goals. How do you keep your courage strong?

Eldon @ eldonroberts.com

Can I Take 8 Ibuprofen And 8 Paracetamol In 24 Hours

Cialis Generika Rezeptfrei Online KaufenThe first step in achieving your goals is to Set a Goal.

I didn’t say Set Goals, Plural. Set a Goal. Singular.

Usually one goal at a time is enough for a person to work on.

PDF of this post: Prescription Cephalexin 500mg

Audio of this post:

An important fact is often overlooked: One achieved goal becomes a stepping stone for the next goal.

Another important fact is that keeping a goal in focus, focusing all of your energies on one target, increases the likelihood of achieving that goal.

When your attention is scattered among several goals it is easy to miss seeing an opportunity that directs at one goal that is out of your focus right then.

A goal serves as what I call The Hiker’s North.

A Hiker in the wild needs to know which direction is North, and the relationship between North and the direction to travel in order to arrive at the target destination.

North is the easiest to find at night by using the stars. Daytime travel requires either a compass, or knowledge of signals in nature that reveal compass directions.

The more you know, the less likely that you will end up lost.

The more skills that you develop in achieving goals the easier it is to end up where you want to be – to achieve success.

The more goals that you achieve, the more skills you develop to tackle more than one goal at a time.

This truth was brought home to me through my years as a classroom teacher. In education there are in every subject or discipline certain foundational skills, specific foundational knowledge, that serve as the base for building achievement.

The easiest example to provide for this is in math. The foundational knowledge deals with the operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide) using the numbers 1 through 12. The facts begin with the connections of the operations: Addition is the process of combining number values, Subtraction undoes Addition, Multiplication is repeated Addition, Division is repeated Subtraction.

This makes it obvious that a person must master Addition in order to achieve success in Math.

Mastery means that a person can recall, with automaticity, all possible combinations of the numbers zero through twelve (0 – 12). The best way to check your skills in this is with the online program at Cialis Online Nz. Sign up. Set your grade level as 8. Begin.

Addition and Subtraction facts work in family sets of 3. Example: (2, 3, 5) make an Add/Subtract Family. It works this way: 2+3=5, 3+2=5; 5-2=3, 5-3=2.

This is not a complicated piece of knowledge. It is quickly understood. The real skill that must be mastered is in applying the knowledge to the point of automaticity. Xtramath.org establishes that automatic response. The visual stimulus of seeing the numbers, automatically brings to the front of consciousness the ‘answer’ and connects to the fingers to display the correct answer.

No delay or stumble to speak and key with automaticity.

The parallel Family arrangements are found in Multiplication and Division. (2, 3, 6)

Each of my students mastered the Foundations of Number Facts. I could then dive into Algebra with 6th grade students. Algebra is not complicated. It is logical. Students who have difficulty with Higher Math generally struggle with the basic math facts. That struggle causes them to get the wrong answers based on the operations with the numbers, not with the algebraic principles and processes.

The appearance is that they don’t understand math, so they develop an aversion to the subject – unfounded, but a strong emotional dislike.

Our brains and psyches were designed for achievement – success.

Failure is almost always caused by

  • a lack of foundation in the basics, or
  • a lack of work on the part of the learner.

A lack of foundation is easy to resolve. As long as the teacher understands and applies instructional principles, the lack can be resolved.

By the way, this is why you need a mentor who has achieved success in the area you aspire to achieve.

A lack of work on the part of the learner is a more complicated problem. Lack of skills or lack of motivation sit at the top of probable causes. This is not the post in which to address those factors.

Testogel Cialis OnlineAll of this is aimed at: How to Achieve Your Goals. It is unlikely that you who are reading this are unmotivated to achieve your personal goals.

What can be done to ensure that we have the work skills necessary to achieve?

Number One: Set a Goal.

Goals that you set for yourself serve as motivation to achieve. I’ve never known anyone who established a personal goal with the plan to fail at achieving it.

Set a Goal. A personal goal is your motivation.

I previously wrote about Setting Goals. Check the Menu on the left

Number Two: Learn how to Achieve that Goal.

Learn the foundational information and skills.

Get a Mentor, get a Coach, get a book, get an online course, join a group that offers support and instruction.

Do one or more of those (more is better).

Number Three: Keep your Goal in front of your eyes and your commitment.

Talk about it. Write about it. Read about it. Associate with others on the road to Personal Achievement.

Avoid negative. Avoid people who are negative. Avoid putting negative into your eyes, ears, brain, social circles.

That’s it!Deposito Dos Actos Societarios Online

1 – 2 – 3 !!!

Practice: Consistently, Persistently.

Go Get ‘em!

See you at the top!


Send this to someone you know who needs the message, the encouragement.

Write to me: Online in the Comments option below the post or email me (Eldon @ EldonRoberts.com)

Thank you for reading or listening.